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Smart grid development is rapid, low-voltage electrical appliances will become mainstream

Low voltage circuit breaker (once called automatic switch) is a kind of can not only connect and breaking load current and overload current normally, can also be connected and breaking short circuit current switch electrical appliances. Low voltage circuit breaker in the circuit in addition to the control effect, also have certain protective function, such as over load, short circuit, undervoltage and electric leakage protection.
Low voltage circuit breaker market has experienced a good growth in 2011, with the implementation of the smart grid construction and the development of new energy industry, in the next few years will maintain stable growth. Mainly manifested in the following aspects:
(1) the smart grid construction of large-scale rolled out the new requirements
The construction of the smart grid by 2020 points in three stages, the first phase of 2009-2011, is mainly research and pilot; The second stage is from 2011 to 2015, a smart grid will be large-scale implementation; The third stage is from 2016 to 2020, to achieve the improvement of the overall and ascend.
At present, the state grid company is stepping up efforts to develop China's smart grid technology standard nearly 200 items. Planning and standard, make the construction of the smart grid into the journey, these will bring, high-end low-voltage circuit breaker in great demand.
(2) manufacturing investment growth in the future
Manufacturing is the key of the low-voltage electrical industry applications, is also one of the ten key projects for energy conservation and emissions reduction. China's manufacturing industry due to the energy saving indexes of pressure, the energy-saving control and intelligent power distribution electrical products will remain strong demand.
(3) new energy sources such as wind power and solar energy brings the huge demand for medium and high-end low-voltage circuit breaker
After the Copenhagen conference a new energy investment become the focus of attention. New energy, low-carbon economy becomes the main direction of the electrical equipment industry. Vigorously develop new energy will be in the efficient and stable, high-end low-voltage electrical products constitute a larger demand. Three to five years, the demand for low voltage electrical components are expected to be greatly increased. Wind power and photovoltaic inverter control system and grid technology to a number of core and key technologies such as breakthrough, it is low voltage electrical industry to expand a direction in the future.
Statistics show that in 2011 China's low-voltage circuit breaker industry market size is 40 billion yuan. In the next few years with China's growing in new capacity, and downstream of the rapid development of other industries, the domestic market demand for low voltage circuit breaker product will still grow, so the low voltage circuit breaker industry in our country the size of the market will be rapid growth, is expected to be low voltage circuit breaker industry in China in 2016 the size of the market will be close to 80 billion yuan.
From famous companies abroad at the beginning of the end of the twentieth century to the 21st century, launch a new type of ACB and MCCB, and constantly improve and expand, whether in the main technical performance, product structure and application of new technology has a major breakthrough and innovation. Including in the Germany's Siemens, the communication of low voltage apparatus, already can form very huge industrial system, power distribution monitoring system and building automation system; Mitsubishi company developed MDU series circuit breaker, can directly implement electric energy monitoring network system and equipment monitoring network system, etc.
Low voltage apparatus widely used various industries of national economy, with close links to the whole society fixed investment situation. At the beginning of the 21st century is the rapid development of industry of our country low voltage apparatus, low-voltage electrical appliances industry in China in recent years the growth rate from 10% to 15%. Low voltage electrical appliances industry market capacity and power, industry, real estate, the development of the telecommunications industry is closely linked, and low voltage electrical demand structure adjustment the potential demand of the international market, for the future development of low voltage electrical industry has provided a broad space.
Five-year period, with the development of smart grid construction and the development of low-voltage electrical appliances production technology, intelligent, modular, can communication as the main characteristics of a new generation of low voltage electrical appliances will become the market mainstream products. The first generation of products will exit the market in 2010, the second generation product will become the low-end products, the third generation of products and parts of the second generation product will be in the end. From 2011 to 2015, the smart grid will be in power transmission, substation, power distribution, communication and other seven aspects into the overall construction stage.