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Electric power equipment on-line monitoring into a trend

For necessary monitoring of power equipment, ensure the stable operation, the security and reliability of power system operation is of great significance. With continuous development and mature, on-line monitoring technology, and online monitoring technology in recent years, the successful application of power system in China, the state overhaul alternative preventive maintenance has been accepted by electric power system and identity, become the inevitable trend of equipment maintenance.
Long-term since, our country electric power system for power equipment to perform preventive maintenance system, namely, according to the plan of the time period for equipment inspection and maintenance, so it has the disadvantages of insufficient excessive maintenance and repair. With the new changes in power equipment defect form, for the partial discharge on-line monitoring, chromatography, SF6 gas quality on-line monitoring began to increase. Specifically, the state grid corporation to comprehensive promotion from 2010 implementation of equipment maintenance, improve equipment intelligent level, popularization and application of intelligent equipment and technology, grid security early warning and equipment online intelligent monitoring.
Power equipment on-line monitoring technology is directly installed on the electric power equipment can real-time record characterization equipment running state measurement and diagnosis system of the characteristics and technology. Generally by the on-line monitoring system for the advanced sensor technology, computer and information processing technology, communication system, expert analysis system and more complete system of data information.
In a transformer substation main equipment on-line monitoring system for example, there are: capacitance and dielectric loss of capacitive equipment on-line monitoring; The total current of metal oxide surge arrester, resistance current on-line monitoring; Transformer insulation oil chromatogram on-line monitoring of ontology, optical fiber temperature measuring on-line monitoring, ontology uhf bureau on line monitoring, casing, dielectric loss on-line partial discharge monitoring dynamic characteristics, load switch online monitoring; GIS uhf bureau on line monitoring, micro water online monitoring; Switch mechanical properties optical fiber temperature monitoring and switchgear on-line monitoring, the density of SF6 gas on-line monitoring, etc.
Field of power equipment on-line monitoring investment value highlights, online monitoring products downstream demand growth can be maintained. One is the construction of power grid companies implement the state overhaul and the smart grid strategy have been identified, more strict grid reliability, online monitoring products have been is the indispensable important component; Second, in addition to the new substation demand, stock transformation part has more space; Three is online monitoring products from a single product monitoring to the trend of the development of the comprehensive monitoring system of substation. In addition, as the increasing power equipment and shortage of line workers, more need to rely on online monitoring products improve the management level.
From the point of state grid corporation bidding situation, the current online monitoring products market mainly concentrated in the smart grid substation. State grid corporation in the smart grid planning report has also been the state of transformer substation monitoring system construction as the important content of intelligent substation. Intelligent substation transformer oil chromatography, combination was achieved by condition monitoring unit electrical partial discharge, lightning arrester all current online monitoring of the main equipment, the important parameters, such as, to provide basic data support for power grid equipment management. Real-time status information through the analysis of the expert system can make a preliminary decision after processing, realize intelligent equipment within the station since the diagnosis function.