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Industry: electrical equipment 2015 year-end inventory show its bidding market

In the end of this year, the sector has experienced many changes, such as auditing, slowdown in construction and the reform of electric power, have attracted great attention from investors. On the occasion of the year comes, we in the concentrated power grid research throughout the year, inventory change a year of its tender/construction, at the same time for 16 years in the industry to make predictions.
The anticipation of bidding for its 2016 change
The grid (high pressure and ultrahigh pressure) link equipment tendering will remain stable. Events for grid construction of sexual factors will continue to weaken, the corresponding equipment companies will tend to normal revenue recognition.
Distribution network equipment needs once next year will continue to maintain high; And developed areas such as zhejiang, jiangsu will speed up to start the distribution network automation transformation, thus promote secondary equipment distribution network started peatlands.
According to its guidance, 16 meters and amount in equipment tendering will fell, but demand is still at around $80 million. For the related manufacturing enterprises in the secondary market, more is cash flow brought by the information in the market, on the future to accelerate the extension transformation is still the main strategic direction.
So far, "planning for haze" start the uhv line has been approved. Determine the future short-term exchange approved lines, little that is left over dc stays a normalized for approval, but the number will be slightly less than 15 years. In conclusion, the line approved appeared in 15 years, 16 years enter the peak production orders.
Determine its next year will also be centralized bid 3 batches of filling in electrical equipment, the corresponding amount is about 5 billion or so, and then return to become the largest filling in electric equipment demand in market and network operators.
The anticipation of bidding for its 2016 change
15 years affected by the slowdown in power grid construction, the upstream equipment companies significant decline, and stock run industry index. We think between 15 years in the annual report and annual report 16 and a half years, the enterprise performance is expected to be in reverse, based mainly on: 1) the audit for grid construction of events such as sexual factors will continue to weaken, the business in hand orders for delivery to restore; 2) significant reverse distribution network bidding, uhv and purging electric bidding on synchronization.
Return to stock investment, under the background of economic transformation, growth and reform topics (electric cars, and electric control in the change) will still be the main line throughout the year; But considering the grid plate smaller gains in 15 years and deterministic performance inversion, we think it will be in the market to adjust the recorded relatively obvious relative gains. Recommended targets include credit ranks, Xu Ji electrical, incredible electrical, sifang co.