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The skeleton of the 2012 national annual electrical industry

Two sessions in 2010, a low carbon economy become the focus of the industry; Two sessions in 2011, emerging industries such as new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection as priorities; Two sessions in 2012, on the basis of the previous two years, the future development of smart grid will become the main tone.
In the first five years, China in 430 million kilowatts of electricity installed completed a new intriguing breakthrough, China ranked the first grid position. Accumulation of electrical industry in the rapid development of achievement at the same time, also accumulated some deep-seated problems inevitably. Today, electrical industry has entered an adjustment period, challenges and tests will still will make the "two sessions" is full of opportunities and suspense.
Then, the assembly of reform can blew? The national "two sessions" is a venue, considerations questioner, more respondents are considered, the accumulation of a series of problems is the need to seek policy response at the meeting will be next self solving? After this year's "two sessions" during the next five years, all the wisdom of the test for the decision makers and electrical industry, according to their own will goal into reality.
2012 electricity price reform, can cross over that snag?
Can assert that electricity price reform will certainly is a highlight in the field of "twelfth five-year" energy. But, in the past and present of the electricity price reform experience, we are unable to grasp the reform of determination and strength. Many of the problems in the current electric power industry development and contradictions, and ultimately to all boils down to price.
Slow energy price reform will increase the cost of enterprise, which further increases the social costs, under the pressure, "twelfth five-year" energy conservation and emissions reduction task must be to seek more wisdom and precise way, strive for with the minimum cost of the whole society means to achieve the optimal target, this will herald, for the power industry, the next five years, transfer mode, adjust structure will be a tough game.
Electricity price reform has been filed in 2011, also in 2011 had substantial changes, but the key is to make electricity price return goods attribute. To follow the principle of price fluctuates around value, reflect supply and demand relations; Secondly also reflect the scarcity of resources, from you to improve the overall situation of national energy security and energy use efficiency to think about this question.
Has, however, in the face of business, government, go up drop between cannot take hold of in addition to concerns about inflation and the livelihood of the people, should see a long-term future, scarce resources and energy demand growth sharply today, a mounting energy prices have had to change, to change is behind the change better sooner than later.
Therefore, the "twelfth five-year" energy, the development of electric industry, require substantial energy price reform.
2012 uhv, can break the grid bottleneck?
During the period of "11th five-year plan", China's 220 kv and above transmission line length of 430000 km and 1.96 billion kva substation capacity, respectively is "15" at the end of 1.7 times and 2.4 times. Has become the world's power grid scale, however, are often "their" problem. In the face of soaring energy transport demand, China's power grid how to solve the transmission bottleneck problem in the future five years? On January 6, 2011, the national development and reform commission approved the demonstrative project of uhv ac testing expansion project.
This expansion project, become the "twelfth five-year" period beginning of the construction of the uhv project in our country.
, "said Chinese academy of engineering trans.on uhv technology is one of the world energy delivery (way) of a significant change, it will be efficient green energy use in humans have a profound impact, it and our country's space technology, high iron technology is our country during the period of" 11th five-year plan "industry make a significant contribution to the world." The fifth plenary session of the 17th party proposed "to strengthen the construction of modern energy industry and the comprehensive transportation system", to the sources of energy, electric power industry puts forward a question that needs to think deeply about.
There is no doubt that in the modern transportation system, power grid enterprises in our country first started in the Internet of things, in the form of uhv long distance transmission energy, to achieve the optimal combination of the overall transport efficiency, creating the largest comprehensive benefits. In the area of uhv power grid enterprises in our country has become the world's power grid enterprise leader; In the development of informatization, automation and flexible characteristics of the smart grid, power grid enterprises in our country or will become the standard setters; Thus, both the "twelfth five-year" investment scale and level of science and technology, the power grid in China, with its huge scale are implementing corner overtaking. From the current proposals before the general assembly, a bill, this year's "two sessions", extreme pressure will become a hot topic in the field of energy.
2012 thermal power losses, who can solve the current difficulties?
Since 2003, our country's coal prices rose more than 150%, and the sales price to rise up just 32%. Under the condition of the coal linkage does not reach the designated position, the electric power enterprise especially power generation enterprise eventually become "out of coal prices rise sound".
The CPPCC national committee dan-ping sun believes in determination to deepen the reform still has not formed, must maintain the seriousness and authority of coal linkage policy, such as if for the coal and the coal market positioning only in "coordination", is inevitably lose trust, massive loss of thermal power industry, will affect the security and stability of power supply, the current need start coal linkage to guidance.
For a long time, a kind of view is that in the face of policy-related losses of state-owned enterprises, have words called "child crying can hold to niang". However, thermal power enterprise cost pressure cannot downstream, the "children" it's time to carry to who? , the industry facing the dilemma of the expert points out, if you can't make up my mind to establish a high energy prices, high resource taxes, subsidies and high consumption, strong new mode of market regulation, the contradiction of coal without solution.
Be worth what carry is, during the period of "11th five-year plan", under the background of increasing in thermal power, power generation enterprises investment structure in the autonomous and involuntary quietly turned to occur, thermal power investment ratio has fallen by half, thermal power enterprise's overall profitability has focused on the non electric industry, and can get subsidies and easing some of the renewable energy power generation than the increase of investment. Within five years, our country's power structure adjustment was in this casual in implementation, objectively promoted the adjustment of industrial structure, it is "loss, win on".
2012 energy conservation and emissions reduction, whether there is still room for travelling?
During the period of "11th five-year plan", the power industry of our country has made an important contribution to energy saving and emission reduction. "Big pressure on the small" overfulfilled, construction of supercritical and ultra supercritical 600000 mw, 1 million mw efficient environmental protection unit, the national thermal power unit in service, the proportion of 300000 mw and above unit by less than half in 2005, to more than 70% of the current. Thermal power supply standard coal consumption dropped 30 g/KWH for five years, the cumulative saving more than 300 million tons of coal. Vigorously develop non-fossil energy, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power generation 5 years accumulative total more than 3 trillion KWH, instead of raw coal, 1.5 billion tons, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 3 billion tons. In addition, by reducing the grid line loss.suggestions, carry out energy saving scheduling and power generation right trading, also played a positive role for energy conservation and emissions reduction. Electric power industry has walked out of a new way to scientific development.
Parties in certain power the emitters "11th five-year plan" to reduce emissions, also hope to power is in the "twelfth five-year" can continue to take on more responsibility to reduce emissions. Facing to non-fossil energy accounted for about 15% in 2020, per unit of GDP carbon dioxide emissions 40% ~ 40% lower than in 2005, the two indicators, the power industry and many small units can be closed? Also can reduce the coal consumption? How much allowance can dig? To be sure, for a long period of time, coal will still occupy a large proportion of power generation. In the next five years, with the thermal power of all aspects of planning, scheduling and status comprehensively, the overall level of generating hours would remain low. With the scale expansion of renewable energy, the cost to further improve the overall efficiency of power supply in our country, the government's subsidies ability relative decline, meet the demand at the same time guide the demand will become the core of sustainable development, the national "two sessions" whether to discuss, from where the potential of energy conservation and emissions reduction of mining?
2012 what do electricity, can get rid of "not open"?
On May 13, 2010, the state council issued to encourage and guide private capital to enter including electricity and other basic industries and infrastructure. Despite the emphasis on "either banned or into the" of the state council, and "not a single additional conditions for private capital to set", but the investment in the field of electric power is still "not open", private capital is still rare.
There is no doubt that electricity price reform is also necessary conditions for the development of electric power industry diversification. Private capital are "not bad money", and with a clean energy, if can aggressively enter, in turn, promote the development of clean energy, for the "twelfth five-year" would be a good.
But in the current under the condition of electricity price under control, electric power investment liberalisation will not be enough to attract private access, and when electricity prices continue to fluctuate, the existing pricing mechanism for the power industry to provide a relatively fixed business operating environment, electricity price adjustment hysteresis is inevitably the first victims of private enterprises. Therefore, to avoid the electric power enterprise bear the social functions of the government, and transparent market pricing mechanism will become a key year to encourage private to electric power industry.
2012 domestic pv market can start?
Recently, board chairman of the CPPCC national committee, sichuan tong wei group Liu Hanyuan said, transform and upgrade our economy to the critical stage, change the energy consumption structure is imminent, suggested to broaden the administrative examination and approval, formulate relevant standards as soon as possible, to speed up the launch solar photovoltaic market development. In addition, the reporter learns through multiple channels, "renewable energy development" twelfth five-year "plan", the "nuclear safety plan" and "long-term nuclear power development adjustment plan" and "biomass" twelfth five-year "plan" is closely related to the new energy industry policy documents are expected to launch in the near future, and recently released "the solar photovoltaic industry" twelfth five-year "development plan", the publication of a series of supporting policies, the development of new energy industry in China is facing a major opportunity.
In the face of the United States and Germany "double reverse" survey, the domestic photovoltaic industry in an unprecedented severe distress, start the call for the domestic market is also growing.
Recently, the CPPCC national committee of the NPC and CPPCC sessions, sichuan tong wei group chairman of the board Liu Hanyuan submitted a proposal pv industry development. Proposal, points out that "our country no matter from the resource advantages, the technical level, production capacity, industrial foundation and so on each aspect, have had to speed up the startup photovoltaic market, extensive development conditions and basis of photovoltaic industry." Liu Hanyuan stressed that "countries should plan as a whole financial support policies, encourage and guide the financial capital market actively participate in and support the development of photovoltaic industry, for the healthy development of photovoltaic industry in China to provide timely and effective financial support."
Statistics show that in 2010, our pv installed capacity is 500000 kw, and benefit from a feed-in tariff in 2011 subsidy policy, new photovoltaic power capacity of 2 million kw. But that figure is still very small in the overall energy structure in China, and in the domestic photovoltaic industry, before the great capacity of the installed capacity is hard to meet the needs of the upstream enterprise.
2012 photovoltaic (pv), nuclear power and other New Deal will be developed
Can not only improve the environment, but also to promote industrial upgrading, the new energy industry has become one of the commanding heights of the competition. Especially in crude oil prices of $100 / barrel heavy backdrop, accelerate the development of new energy has become an important means to promote the competitiveness of the country. Created in 2010 by the state council for seven major strategic emerging industries, new energy and new energy vehicles, become two key support of the pillar industries.
On February 24, 2012, the ministry issued a "solar photovoltaic industry" twelfth five-year "development plan", become the first new energy field of subdivision planning, pointed out the development roadmap for development of photovoltaic industry in our country, the industry expect relevant supporting measures to implement fast, so as to promote the domestic pv market started.
As the opening of the two sessions, a series of new energy related policy is expected to be populated. According to sources, led by the national energy administration, compiled the 12th five-year plan "of the renewable energy development has early February reported to the state council, is about to release to the whole society. According to the new energy industry development plan, issued by the government after the 2010-2020, direct investment will increase the new energy industry is 5 trillion yuan RMB.
Market watches nuclear policy, also is expected to see in the near future. Orient securities analyst had red points out, by the national energy administration compiled "nuclear safety plan and the long-term nuclear power development adjustment plan will be submitted to the state council, is expected to be gradually introduced. Nuclear industry began to recover from the trough, industry continued improvement can be expected.
Wind energy, the national energy administration has to "crash" documents issued by the wind power forecast and the detailed rules for the implementation coordination of power grid (try out) ", points out that the grid dispatching institutions should fully application of wind power forecasting results, maximum wind power sum is given. This provides policy support for wind power development.
In addition, the "biomass" twelfth five-year "plan" also is expected to be introduced in the near future. It is understood that the programme has basic determine development goals: installed in 2015 reached 2015 kilowatts of biomass power generation, and in 2020 reached 30 million kilowatts.
Several major brokerage, such as cicc, huatai have recently published research report, along with a series of "New Deal" dense, new energy industry in China will enter a high-speed development period, related sectors stock investment value will also be highlighted.